AddPhoto.png AddPhoto - Koji Yamamoto
【 アプリの特徴 】
(1) カメラロールに動画と写真を保存できます。 
(2) 写真のExif情報(撮影日時,撮影場所)に対応しています。  
 【 AddPhotoの使い方 】 
(1) iTunes のファイル共有で、AddPhotoに写真を追加します。 
(2) AddPhotoを実行後、写真はカメラロールに保存され、標準のアプリで閲覧と削除ができるようになります。 
【 ファイル共有を初めて使う方へ 】 
(1) iPhone/iPadMac/PCに接続し、iTunesを開いてください。 
(2) あなたのiOSデバイスを選択し、「Apps」タブをクリックします(モニタの画面解像度よっては、この「Apps」タブのページをスクロールが必要な場合もあります。) 
(3) 左下にある「ファイル共有」の下のアプリ一覧から、AddPhotoを選択します。 
(4) 右下の空白の枠内に写真を追加することができます。 
(5) AddPhotoを開始すると、カメラロールに写真が保存されます。
【 重要 】- ご確認ください 
設定 --> プライバシー --> 写真 --> AddPhoto (オン) 
【 海外実績とレビュー 】 
✓ イタリアの nerdvana.it で紹介されました。 
✓ 3,806枚の写真と149個の動画をカメラロールに戻すことができたとメールで報告をいただきました。 
Actually, the number of photos are 3806. Really great that all my photos were imported to camera roll. Thanks ! 
I've 149 video files and it's around 20.46GB size totally. It's really take time to import back to my MBP iTunes....your app successfully help me to put all my video files back to iPhone camera roll in two times 
✓ アメリカ 
Super! ★★★★★
by DmitryDen - Version 4.0 - Oct 29, 2013
Thanks man! Your programm is the ONLY, which can save the original date and time of the photo and GPS position where it was made. After you transfered all photos, you can see all of them by time correctly on your Iphone!
✓ イギリス 
AddPhoto ★★★★★ 
by GarethsLeftFoot - Version 3.1 - Jul 4, 2013 
This is the first time I've bothered to do a review after buying 100+ apps, thought I'd make the effort as nobody else seems to have done one. I took a chance on buying this with no reviews, and it does exactly what I needed: quickly transfers mov files (e.g. files converted from GoPro footage) into my iPhone 4S, so I can use them in iMovie on the phone. It's also a very quick way of uploading jpegs to the phone. Recommended if that's what you need! 
✓ イギリス 
Awesome job. All of u guys need this ★★★★★ 
by 2012-Ali-2012 - Version 2.1 - Mar 22, 2013 
Soo easy job n quick job too this saves all the pic into camera roll without makin new folder. U have to save all the pic n go through them on iTunes to transfer the iPhone camera roll. 69p its worth it. You all guys need this n it's does the job. 
Works perfectly ★★★★★ 
by Elliepochi - Version 2.0 - Mar 7, 2013 
Allows you to transfer photos from your PC directly to camera roll using itunes' drag and drop. It works really fast and its easy to use. Recommended. 
✓ 香港 
Solve my problem - photos back to camera tools ★★★★★ 
by SL-HK - Version 3.0 - Jun 20, 2013 
Successfully moved back my 3806 photos back to camera roll ...using iPhone 4S ..sorry for video ..not supported ..still waiting for solutions ..I got 146 video clips ... 
✓ イタリア 
Panoramic photo bug ★★★★ 
by Davide Russo - Version 3.0 - Jun 3, 2013 
Please fix the problem whit panoramic photo